Each Wednesday morning at 10am, St. Thomas Church will offer Drive-Up Communion for Parishioners who have chosen not to come to Mass during the pandemic. Remember, our Bishop has excused all the faithful from the obligation of attending Mass.

If you would like to receive Holy Communion, come to the church on Wednesday morning and form a car line at the church entrance nearest Angela Hall. Look for the orange traffic cones.

  1. Please remain in your car and wear a face covering.
  2. The Deacon will approach your car to offer you the Body of Christ.
  3. You must receive Communion in your hand; receiving on the tongue is not permitted in this situation.
  4. After receiving Communion, please say a silent prayer in your car for a few moments before driving off.

If you have any questions, please call Deacon Kevin 877-4146 (office) or 620-2032 (cell).

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