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Decatur, Illinois 62526

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3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, Illinois 62526
(217) 877-4408
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, IL 62526
 (217) 877-4408

Ministries and Organizations

Here at Our Lady of Lourdes, you are encouraged to participate in the many ministries which enhance our Liturgical Life:

Altar Servers
This is an excellent opportunity for service and participation in our Liturgical celebrations. Adults serve at the 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM Mass weekdays and at Funeral Liturgies. Students who are in the 4th grade or older are invited to become involved for the weekend and 8:30 AM weekday Masses.

Art & Environment
Church decorating has always been an important part of liturgical worship. Having the right environment and atmosphere greatly enhances the celebration of the seasons and the liturgical calendar year. Our Art and Environment Committee has a dedicated group of workers who strive to bring out the best decor in order to help the worshippers feel the sense of the liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary time) through visual and aesthetic colors and symbols. If you would like to be a part of this group, whether planning, decorating, or helping in any way, please call the Parish Office and offer your services.

(Another aspect of creating environment in the Church Housekeeping, which is routinely done after the 8:30 AM Mass on Fridays.) All help would be most welcome!

Eucharistic Ministers
This ministry provides the privilege of distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to those participating in our Eucharistic celebrations. Training sessions are held twice a year. Please call the Church Office for further information.

Giftbearer Families
These are families of the Parish who assist in Sunday, Holy Day, and other special liturgies by bringing the Gifts of bread and wine to the Priest at the altar during the Preparation of Gifts.

These ministers of Hospitality welcome each person warmly as they arrive to an opened door. They are stationed at the entrances of the church at least 20 minutes before Mass begins.

Lectors are primarily responsible for boldly proclaiming the first and second scripture readings before the Gospel at Mass. This is a lay ministry which has minimal meeting attendance requirements. Instead, lectors use workbooks for home preparation prior to their scheduled Mass assignment. Lectors are scheduled about every other month.

Liturgy Committee
Liturgy is the Central Focus of our Parish Faith Community. The manner in which we praise our God is of greatest importance. This Committee functions to ensure that the very best worship is offered to our God. Beginning with a warm greeting at the doors of our church, through raising our voices in song and prayer, to Proclaiming the Word of God, every element of worship is scrutinized to make it the very best that it can possibly be. This Committee consists of the Heads of our Liturgical Ministers and others who serve as consultants in the evaluation and implementation of our Liturgies.

Music Ministry
Here at Our Lady of Lourdes, we are very richly blessed with our offerings of sung prayer. There is:

  • The Adult Choir, which usually sings at the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass, the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.
  • An Ensemble, for the 2nd and 4th Sunday, at the 9:30 AM Mass.
  • A Folk Group, for the 2nd and 4th Sundays at the 11:30 AM Mass.
  • OLOL Chimers and Handbells
  • Friday Mass - OLOL Band Students
  • OLOL School Children's Choir

We have wonderful Cantors and Accompanists at all our other Masses and on Fridays we are enriched with the playing and singing of our students.

The ministry of Sacristan is twofold. The first role is guided toward the Liturgy, which is the source and summit of our liturgical worship. The second role of this ministry is directed to the Priest, ministers, and gathered assembly. The sacristans verify that all ministers are in place for the celebration of the Eucharist. Following the liturgy the sacristan will purify the vessels and put them away. This ministry is of great help in our liturgical celebrations.

The ushers serve in many capacities: as greeters; information centers; taking up the collections; directing traffic; and as an emergency center in some instances. Meetings are held as needed. This ministry is open to both genders and all ages.