Mission Statement

We are a Catholic Community whom God has called together through Baptism.

As part of Christ's Living Church, we welcome all to:

  • Worship with us through our Liturgical Celebrations;
  • Learn with us the teachings of Jesus as we expand our discipleship;
  • Serve with us God's people inside and outside Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in a spirit of stewardship; and
  • Gather with us to celebrate Christ's two great commandments of love.

Rev. John H. Ratchford: 1958-1966

Rev. Joseph T. Murray: 1966-1968

Rev. Patrick J. Holloran, S.J.: 1968-1969

Rev. James P. O'Hara: 1969-1977

Rev. Leo F. Sestak: 1977-1980

Rev. Kevin B. Sullivan: 1980-1992

Rev. Kevin W. Vann, J.C.D.: 1992-2001

Rev. Richard W. Weltin: 2001-2020

Rev. Michael Friedel: 2020-present

Rev. Leo Sestak

Rev. James Hogan, S.J.

Rev. John Stewart

Rev. Daniel Collins, S.J.

Rev. Richard Niebrugge

Rev. George L. Morelock: 1973

Rev. Thomas Sullivan

Rev. Nino Viviano

Rev. Charles Dahlby: 1977

Rev. R. Dean Probst: 1980

Rev. David Schmidt: 1982-1984

Rev. Donald L. Wolford: 1984-1987

Rev. John C. Burnett: 1987-1988

Rev. Joseph P. Kerber: 1988-1989

Rev. Richard Paynic (in residence)

Rev. Daniel J. Bergbower: 1990-1994

Rev. Donald E. Knuffman: 1994-1996

Rev. Jeffrey Goeckner: 1995-2001

Rev. Carlos M. Bohorquez: 2001-2005

Rev. Jeffrey E. Stone: 2005-2007

Rev. Don Blickhan: 2007-2008

Rev. James Palakudy: 2008-2011

Rev. Michael Trummer: 2020-present

Parish Staff

The business hours for the Church office are 8-4 pm Mon. thru Friday and closed for lunch 12-1 pm.

Contact info for ministry inquiries or scheduling is Dorothy Centers 217.877.4404 or dorothy@ololchurch.com.

Phone: (217) 877-4404
Web site: http://ololchurch.com/

Rev. Michael Friedel | E-mail: mfriedel@dio.org

Parochial Vicar
Rev. Michael Trummer | E-mail: mtrummer@dio.org

Pastoral Associate
Sister JoAn Schullian, O.S.F. | E-mail: sr.joan@ololchurch.com

Pastoral Care Coordinator
Jami Snow | Email: jami@ololchurch.com

Administrative Assistant
Dorothy Centers | E-mail: dorothy@ololchurch.com



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