3850 Lourdes Drive
Decatur, Illinois 62526

(217) 877-4404
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, IL 62526 | (217) 877-4408
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, Illinois 62526
(217) 877-4408
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, IL 62526
 (217) 877-4408

Welcome to Our

Lady of Lourdes
We look forward to having you join us!

Our Lady of Lourdes is...

A Place to Worship We see a healthy parish with expanded liturgical programs to all age groups and building a better worship environment. We also see several major improvements of the physical space contributing to the improved environment of worship. Our vision and the ideas to support it include all aspects of Our Lady of Lourdes as a Faith Community, its leadership and as a physical place of worship.

A Place to Serve
We envision Our Lady of Lourdes as a vibrant and active parish in which each parishioner recognizes that by virtue of our Baptism we are commissioned to serve the people of God. The ministries, organizations, and clubs that may be available at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in the future will give each parishioner opportunities for service in all areas

Our vision encompasses all parish activities, not just liturgical or other ministries. Our ideas include all activities and ministries, educating our parishioners about the activities in the ministry or activity of their choice.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church & School Calendar

Prayer to St. Michael


A place to learn
We see a unified parish education process that continues to further enhance our Catholic identity.

  • All age groups (from birth to death) are embraced, especially high school through young adult
  • A Catholic education is available to anyone who desires it
  • Permanent “Education Foundations” are in place, accepting contributions

Our vision included all aspects of religious education embracing every member of the parish. Our ideas to support our vision begin with a broad focus on overall religious opportunities for every member of the parish and channel down to a focus on the parish school.

A place to gather
We see Our Lady of Lourdes as a vibrant, energetic body of worshippers. We have a superior involvement of those who lead us in many facets of church.